About Us

Artemis is the go-to destination for chic, contemporary jewelry and designs. The designers of the brand evoke a mindset instead of a specific age or style. Artemis pieces are true originals, always defining worldwide fashion's next stride forward in both style and luxury. Artemis customers are confident, sexy, modern women, knowing what they want when they see it. Artemis and Artemis Creations is a global label, embodying a sensual, sophisticated lifestyle with a modern look yet a breath of traditional charm – what we like to call Couture Jewelry, due to its tendency to fit the style of our customers.

Chairman and Founder Steve W Carter has operated Artemis since its inception. Recognizing a demographic desiring a style and design of jewelry that was neither available nor mimicked by others, Steve created Artemis to represent designers, and in turn, products, that coincided with his vision - a vision that is constantly expanding.

Artemis’s success is based on several key factors. All of the pieces of the collections are timeless with a unique personality and the unmistakable style of its creations – unrivaled in their blend of colors, precious stones and shapes as well as a pervasive air of supreme craftsmanship to every piece of jewelry that is sold. Only raw materials meeting the highest possible industry standards are used in the crafting of a piece of Artemis jewelry, and then only by master artisans with traditional training in the creation of luxurious personal jewelry.